How to evaluate your tests’ results

Your tests are carried out by specialized staff in the microbiological clinics and the doctor – biopathologist is available to give you a first assessment of the results and to guide you to the doctor of the right specialty in order to make the correct diagnosis and treatment, when this is necessary.

But until you contact your doctor, who is the only one who can properly evaluate them, we advise you to keep the following in mind:

With the test results in front of you, you will notice that next to the result there is the indication “reference values”, i.e. a range of values, which represents the values that are considered “normal”.

By comparing your results with the reference values, you can see if your result is within limits or not.

If your results are within the range of reference values:

Consider it encouraging for your health, but keep in mind that lab tests are not a guarantee of your overall health.

If your results are outside the range of reference values:

They may or may not be indicative of a health problem. You should keep in mind that laboratory measurements depend on a set of factors, such as age, gender, history and the peculiarities of each examinee (diet, stress, pregnancy, etc.)

Finally, we advise you not to evaluate your test results based on normal values found online or another laboratory’s reference values as normal values, test method and units of measurement may vary from laboratory to laboratory.