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Antiaging and blood tests

Antiaging and blood tests

Aging is a natural process that living organisms undergo as they age. It is defined as the gradual deterioration of the body’s normal functions, which are necessary for survival and fertility.

The term anti-aging refers to a global trend of our time to slow down human aging in a scientific way and with the ultimate goal of prolonging youth, well-being and optimal health.

Antiaging medicine

Antiaging medicine is based on advances in genetics and a wealth of scientific achievements related to the biochemistry and balance of hormones in the human body, vitamin levels, diet and exercise.

Anti-aging applies to both women and men and each interested person should contact a specialist doctor who will initially suggest the blood tests to which he should undergo and then direct him regarding the lifestyle changes he should make adopt. In addition, the attending physician can recommend medication, nutritional supplements as well as various aesthetic interventions (aesthetic dermatology) depending on the individual needs of each interested party.

Antiaging tests

At LabCare, we have created a special “panel” of blood tests that help to make an initial check of your health status, accurately determine the levels of your key hormones based on your age and gender, and identify possible deficiencies vitamins and electrolytes.

Afterwards, we can proceed to more specialized tests such as the measurement of oxidative stress and the measurement of heavy metals.

Finally, we carry out molecular tests such as measuring telomeres as well as checking a group of genes and their mutations, in the context of nutritional genetics.

We are at your disposal on the phones 210 4122579, 6932575733 for information and making an appointment for the blood tests that your doctor will recommend.